Exclusive: The ZEN X-Fi revealed!

Since we opened in 2006, we’ve been the first place to leak just about every player that Creative has released. We first told you about the ZEN X-Fi a few months back, and now I might have an actual photo of it. So without further delay, I present to you the Creative ZEN X-Fi:

The ZEN X-Fi has the same control layout as the original, but adds 4 buttons along the edges of the D-pad. The SD-card slot is also located on the bottom this time (actually it’s not! read below). I don’t have any other specifications for this player, but I hope to get that information soon. As usual, everything posted here is a rumor, and will remain so until Creative confirms it. I want to know what everyone thinks about this device. I personally think it looks classy.

One interesting tidbit was found when checking out the Wi-Fi section of the user guide. At the top it states: “This section applies to ZEN X-Fi players with wireless LAN features.”. That seems to imply that there are some models that will not have WiFi built-in. Considering Creative is known for making multiple versions of the same player (e.g. Zen V and V Plus), this wouldn’t be a surprise. In fact, that’s likely the reason the player is named the ZEN X-Fi and not the Share, nor the WiFi.

I’m so happy to see all this information confirmed so quickly. That’s a good sign that this player is ready to be shipped. I have a good feeling Creative will officially announce the player within the next month or so.

The ZEN X-Fi appears to be quite feature-packed, but I’m not sure it’s the features that people actually want. Chatting is nice, but this player isn’t the most practical for it. Cell phones are perfectly fine for that. I am glad to finally have X-Fi on the go. It’s been years since we were promised an X-Fi player, and now that time has come.

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One Response to “Exclusive: The ZEN X-Fi revealed!”

  1. Singapore Says:

    I went ahead and ordered the x-fi before reading any serious reviews because I ‘needed’ a player for a road trip. My last mp3 player was from Creative so I trusted the company for a high quality product. Overall I’m very pleased. First off the audio quality is great. The supplied headphones are worth keeping but the sound is even better with high quality earbuds. The X-Fi Crystalizer is nice for some music but I’ve found for bands like Flogging Molly or MGMT, it makes the sound too harsh to enjoy. I’ve been leaving it off for now as it sometimes makes the bass distorted, and plus I’m sure it uses a bit more juice. It is a nice feature to have when you can close your eyes and enjoy your favorite songs though. The wi-fi for me is a bit of gimmick, although some of the material available from creative is worth listening to. I don’t use yahoo or msn chat so I haven’t even set up the chat yet. You can set up your computer as a music server but as far as I can tell you can only stream, not transfer over wi-fi. I don’t have an sd card so I can’t say much about that, but there are options for browsing and importing files. Navigating the menus already feels natural once I got the hang of using the buttons. The screen is very nice for photos and video. I really felt I had made a good purchase while watching an episode of Top Gear while using the built in speaker (which can get quite loud). Battery life is impressive as well. I charged it fully when I got it, played music in the car for about 6 hours then watched that episode of Top Gear yesterday and as I listen to it now I have about 80% battery left. The supplied software (which you’ll need to download if you have a slot loading optical drive – its a mini cd) is very easy to use. It took about an hour and a half to transfer ~20 gigs of music and about 20 mins to convert and then transfer the tv show, but I feel that depends more on your computer. To wrap this up, I’m very happy with the purchase and that I have a high quality, feature laden product without looking like an apple drone.

    You can also buy fromthis shop zen x-fi. I recommend you to buy with the skin protector , you can get discount.

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