Creative Zen X-Fi Confirmed With User Manual

It has been quite a while since Creative has released anything substantial since the Zen, but here it is and what looks like their new flag ship. Details of the player have been confirmed via software found on the net (via). What is cool is included in the software is a user manual showing off all the new features and this Zen is pretty feature packed.

On the wireless side the X-Fi will be Wi-Fi 802.11 B/G allowing you to stream media from your computer and chat with friends over Gtalk, MSN Messenger, and Yahoo! Messenger. From reading the manual it doesn’t look like there is any wireless sync.

The interface appears to be very similar to the Zen, but to better utilize the chatting capabilities Creative has added a 9 button keypad for text input. Hopefully there will be T9 or some sort of predicted text input. All of the previous features of the Zen also appear to be included such as an organizer, “DJ” playback, Microphone, bookmarking, deleting, ect.

While there are not specs on the video codec or screen quality I would assume it to be at least as good as the Zen 320×240 16 million color display with similar codecs. Hopefully this time they will include native DivX support for large 640×480 resolutions like the all mighty Zen Vision:M. For viewing video without headphones the Zen X-Fi does have an external speaker appearing at the bottom of the player and an SD card slot.

[Via anythingbutipod]


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