A glance: ZEN Stone Plus with Built-in Speaker


The Creative ZEN Stone Plus with Built-in speakers is an upgrade to the original ZEN Stone Plus. Priced at SGD$99, it comes in 4 colours (Champagne, Black, Blue and Pink) and in 2 capacity (2GB & 4GB).


Besides providing you with a pair of decent earphones, Creative also threw in a Skin with clip to protect your player from the daily wear and tear. This is rather strange because the same pair of Skin for the older ZEN Stone Plus cost SGD$19 and here, they are giving it away for free. If this isn’t value for money, I don’t know what is.





The new ZEN Stone Plus is alittle thicker than the original (because of the speaker) and now spot a brush metal feel. Not only does this make it less scratch prone than the previous model, it also make it less toy-like.




A comparison of the ZEN Stone Plus with the ZEN. It really isn’t that fat. The new ZEN Stone Plus could still be fitted comfortably in your hands or pants.

A short video to show how loud and crisp the music can be from the ZEN Stone Plus With Built-in Speaker.


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