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Travelsound i80

March 26, 2008


SINGAPORE – March 26, 2008– Creative Technology Ltd., a worldwide leader in digital entertainment products, today announced an entirely new category of iPod speakers with the Creative TravelSound for iPod nano (3rd Generation). The first one-piece iPod nano speaker portable enough to fit in a pocket or purse, the Creative TravelSound (model i80) for iPod nano delivers surprisingly powerful sound for such a small speaker.

The secret behind the outstanding sound quality of the Creative TravelSound for iPod nano lies in its unique design. Featuring four independent micro drivers and a digital amplifier, the Creative TravelSound for iPod nano delivers far more volume and clarity than much larger speakers.

“The Creative TravelSound for iPod nano is the first iPod nano speaker that is actually as portable as the iPod itself. You can take it anywhere you would take your iPod, so you can share your music and videos without having to share your earphones,” said Joseph Liow, General Manager of Creative Labs Asia. “Plus, the sleek design complements the look of the iPod nano, so the speaker looks as good as it sounds.”

Pricing and Availability
The Creative TravelSound (model i80) for iPod nano is certified by Apple for the Made for iPod programme and is available at The CREATIVE Stores at Marina Square, Plaza Singapura and International Business Park, the online store at and authorised dealers in Singapore in early April 2008 for S$129.00. The Creative TravelSound for iPod nano comes with a speaker stand that enables the speaker to tilt at an optimal angle for viewing of photos and videos on the iPod, and a convenient USB wall charger to charge the speaker and docked iPod.



PoPz P20 for ZEN Stone Plus

March 17, 2008


The PoPz P20 is a handy travel speaker that is specially designed to complement your ZEN Stone and ZEN Stone Plus player. Bring it about with you easily for your player fits snugly in the pocket of the PoPz P20. Powered by your MP3 player, it is the perfect music companion for travelers on the move.

Enjoy the following features with your PoPz P20:

  • A handy travel speaker with a mini built-in MP3 player compartment
  • Shock absorbent and scratch-resistant
  • Metal carabiner for fastening the speaker to your bag
  • A 36mm inverted dome drive
  • A 3.5mm L-shape stereo cable dressed within the pouch compartment
  • No batteries or adapters required. PoPz P20 is powered by your MP3 player.



I Heart ITSHOW 2008

March 9, 2008


I Heart Creative =)

A glance: ZEN Stone Plus with Built-in Speaker

March 2, 2008


The Creative ZEN Stone Plus with Built-in speakers is an upgrade to the original ZEN Stone Plus. Priced at SGD$99, it comes in 4 colours (Champagne, Black, Blue and Pink) and in 2 capacity (2GB & 4GB).


Besides providing you with a pair of decent earphones, Creative also threw in a Skin with clip to protect your player from the daily wear and tear. This is rather strange because the same pair of Skin for the older ZEN Stone Plus cost SGD$19 and here, they are giving it away for free. If this isn’t value for money, I don’t know what is.





The new ZEN Stone Plus is alittle thicker than the original (because of the speaker) and now spot a brush metal feel. Not only does this make it less scratch prone than the previous model, it also make it less toy-like.




A comparison of the ZEN Stone Plus with the ZEN. It really isn’t that fat. The new ZEN Stone Plus could still be fitted comfortably in your hands or pants.

A short video to show how loud and crisp the music can be from the ZEN Stone Plus With Built-in Speaker.

Sim: a Hero of Philanthropy

March 1, 2008


In Forbe’s list of 40 Biggest Giver in Asia, only 4 came from Singapore and One of them is Sim. Even though he’s only ranked the 40th Richest in Singapore, he’s one of the biggest donator to charity over the years. Humble and always giving back to the society, this is but one more reason why we should support Creative!


In contrast, Has Steve Jobs CEO of Apple ever given to charity?

According to a WIRED article, “Giving USA Foundation, a philanthropy research group which publishes an annual charity survey, said Jobs does not appear on lists of gifts of $5 million or more over the last four years. Nor is his name on a list of gifts of $1 million or more compiled by Indiana University’s Center on Philanthropy.”