Back to Basics – Creative ZEN™

Creative ZEN™ – Small Wonder

Be One of the First to Size up the New Small Wonder Creative ZEN Media Player at COMEX 2007 (Suntec Convention, Level 4, 30 August – 2 September 2007). Creative ZEN Media Player: 4GB @ S$249 and 8GB @ S$349. Free Creative ZEN USB Power Adapter (Bulk Pack) with every purchase.

imagine a digital media player smaller than a credit card, slimmer than a Moto RAZR V3 and yet pack more functions than any other player in the market.

Now experience the Creative ZEN™, the flash-based media player that will change the way you view entertainment on the move ever again.

Besides the usual features that you’re already so familiar with in the ZEN line of players i.e. FM Radio, Voice Recorder, Album Art, Photo Viewer and Video Player, the ZEN™ stands out with never seen before new functions:

1. Expandable memory slot
The ZEN™ comes in three capacity, 4GB, 8GB and 16GB. With the the expanable memory slot, you can easily expand your media library size simply by inserting an SD card (up to 8GB)!

2. iTunes supported
I know of many people who refused to make the switch as they already have thousands of songs in the iTunes format and to re-convert it to MP3/WMV can really be quite a hassle. Therefore what’s really cool about the ZEN™ is that it supports DRM-free iTunes Plus music and videos!

3. 16, 700, 000 color screen
Okay, I added in the zeros for dramatic effect. Beating the ZEN Vision:M and Vision W’s 262, 144 color screen, get magically lost in the ZEN™’s brilliant 2.5″ screen with 16.7 million TFT color support which displays sharp and richly saturated pictures!

4. Power Playtime
25 hours of audio and 5 hours of video. Need I say more?
(Creative ZEN Vision:M (30GB) – 18 hours audio, 6 hours video, iPod Video (30GB) – 14 hours audio, 3.5 hours video, iPod Nano (8GB) – 24hours audio, erm no video)

The Creative ZEN will be available in Singapore next month in 4GB, 8GB and 16GB models, at retail stores including The CREATIVE Stores at Marina Square, Plaza Singapura and International Business Park and the online store at at the suggested retail prices of S$249.00, S$349.00 and S$499.00 respectively.

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[Official Video]


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