Body of CNET’s James Kim found

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A few days ago, I read online that James Kim, Senior Editor of went missing after leaving his family’s stranded car on Saturday morning searching for help. He, together with his wife and two daughters returning from a Thanksgiving road trip when their car got stucked in snow. His wife and daughters were found a few days later in good condition. However, Kim was found dead almost a week after he went missing.

I don’t really know James Kim very well (in fact, not at all). But I have watched his video and read his reviews of Creative players on many times before. Therefore, it’s kindof sad that he had to leave so suddenly and unexpectedly.

Of course there could have been a possibility of him still living if he had not left the car to search for help, but I guess he did what every father and husband would do. To put himself before everyone else. And for that, I think he did what he felt was the best option at that time and we should all respect that.

I hope his family is coping well with the loss.



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