Small is the new beautiful

Introducing the new Creative Zen V & Zen V Plus.

“We designed the ZEN V Plus to provide an incredible user experience – it’s a player that you don’t want to put down once you hold it in your hand. We developed the ZEN V Plus with a look and a user experience that create the true feeling of ZEN,” said Sim Wong Hoo, chairman and CEO of Creative. “Photos and videos and our patented ZEN user interface look so vivid on the stunning color screen and the sound quality is awesome; it’s surprising for such a tiny player.”

The ZEN V Plus includes all of the following features:
– The smooth contours and tiny size of the ZEN V Plus enable it to fit naturally in your fingertips or to tuck away easily in a small pocket or purse. Available in glossy black or white with fun color accents of orange, green or blue, the ZEN V Plus looks as great as it feels.
– Special coating on the entire player to help prevent scratching.
– Vibrant 1.5-inch OLED screen for stunning video, photos and album art.
– Music Subcription Support – from major services such as Yahoo! Music Unlimited, Urge, Napster To Go and Rhapsody To Go, support for Audible audio books and pay-per-download services including Soundbuzz.
– Built-in FM radio with 32 station presets.
– A voice recorder for capturing notes or lectures.
– Syncs with Microsoft Outlook – includes a built-in organizer with Calendar, Contacts and Tasks.
– Direct CD Recording – with line-in connection and a Sync Track button to separate different songs recorded from an entire CD.
– Incorporates the most popular “ZEN Patent” user interface – for intuitively accessing music, photos, video and color menus and displaying album art.

The ZEN V Plus will be available in August for S$329 for the 4GB model in glossy black with blue accents, S$269 for the 2GB model in glossy black or white with green accents, and S$199 for the 1GB model in glossy black or white with orange accents.

Creative Zen V Plus Microsite [Link]
Press Release [Link]
CNet review of Zen V Plus [Link]


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